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What is your Home Value with Latter & Blum

Determining your home value is not an exact science. it's only as good as the price a qualified buyer is willing to pay. The keys determining a home value are:


  • The condition of your home
  • Competitive pricing of comparable properties offered for sale
  • The local market conditions
  • The pricing and terms under which your home will be offered for sale

You can largely influence two of these factors. Make sure your home has great "curb appeal," and the interior condition of your home is presentable and well-maintained. Try to look at your home objectively. Your real estate broker can make strong suggestions about refurbishing and remodeling, and can let you know the relative return you can expect from your investments.

The Price

The price needs to be:

  • Realistic enough to encourage a purchase agreement from a buyer
  • In the range of comparable home sales and current competing listings

Setting a price too high above your home value could delay a sale. Your real estate professional can create a written market analysis documenting your home value through comparable sales and listings. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer who is comparing your home to others currently for sale and make sure your price is competitive.

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