About My Latter & Blum

About My Latter & Blum 

Why create a My Latter & Blum account? 

Gain access to all the listings, straight from MLS. Get email alerts the instant new properties matching your search hit the market. View neighborhood-level market data. Save searches, share and rate listings. Save notes and more. Get matched with an agent who can help you every step of the way.
My Latter & Blum is a service that searches properties from any company in all our MLSs each day and provides you with e-mail updates if there are any new listings, open houses, or price reductions meeting your search criteria...making you the first to know. My Latter & Blum puts you at an advantage in this competitive buyer's market. This information is the most current, complete and accurate since it's never more than 24 hours old and it's letting you know via email right away of any new opportunities. If you are new to My Latter & Blum, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
Track Market Activity: Monitor up to five (5) desired areas for new listings, price changes, open houses, sales and current list prices. My Latter & Blum allows you to customize areas of interest and view your market, market changes and statistics instantly.
Save Searches: Save custom searches and receive email alerts when new properties match your search criteria, including new listings, price changes and sales. 
Save and Rate Your Favorite Properties: Save and rate your favorite properties, including the opportunity to share comments on your favorites and more.
Set Target Prices for Properties: Set target prices for active listings of interest and receive immediate email alerts when the price of the listing reaches or drops below your target price.
Receive Recommendations: If you work with one of our Agents or request one, you may receive property recommendations direct to your account.

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