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We Love Our Agents!

1. You provide the best client services 

2. You work hard

3. You play hard 

4. You take your job seriously 

5. You are among the best in the business 

6. You are intelligent 

7. You are honest 

8. You are loyal 

9. You are the best advertisement for our company

10. You make us laugh 

11. You make us proud 

12. You are pleasure to serve 

13. You are a friend 

14. You make our jobs more meaningful 

15. You give back to your company 

16. You have made us the #1 Real Estate  company in the Gulf South 

17. You have made us one of the top 40 brokerages in the nation 

18. You are our #1 fan 

19. You help your fellow agents 

20. You are creative 

21. You are generous 

22. You are friendly 

23. You donate your time and resources to your community 

24. You work to strengthen our Real Estate industry 

25. You know how to have fun 

26. You are steadfast and tenacious 

27. You are courageous 

28. You care about others 

29. You are "people" people 

30. You believe in the Latter & Blum Family 

31. You reserve judgement 

32. You understand how to dress for success 

33. You have good ideas 

34. You can tell a good joke 

35. You laugh at others jokes (good and bad) 

36. You listen to others 

37. You help your clients achieve their dreams 

38. You embrace training, education and development 

39. You make us want to do the best job possible 

40. You receive outstanding client satisfaction ratings 

41. You "tell it like it is" 

42. You are tactful 

43. You stand up for yourself 

44. You stand up for your clients 

45. You are principled 

46. You have excellent taste 

47. You exhibit excellent judgement 

48. You have an interesting story to tell 

49. You are part of the story of Latter & Blum Companies 

50. You play an important role in your office and in our company 

51. You know how to use your talents to your advantage 

52. You are competitive 

53. You are a strong negotiator 

54. You are quick to learn 

55. You are quick to help others understand 

56. You are resourceful 

57. You are frugal 

58. You are young at heart 

59. You give good advice to your clients 

60. You adopt technology that improves the customer experience 

61. You help others improve their financial trajectories 

62. You are good at explaining market data and stats to clients 

63. You market your listings like no other 

64. You put other's needs before your own 

65. You don't let rejection stop you 

66. You are a superior multi-tasker 

67. You take time to get to know others 

68. You volunteer when called on 

69. You aren't afraid to ask questions 

70. You believe in taking care of yourself 

71. You believe in taking care of your family 

72. You believe in taking time off 

73. You believe in working longer hours when needed 

74. You are adventurous 

75. You are a natural at sales 

76. You attract others 

77. You are liked by many 

78. You are a strategic thinker 

79. You use your head to sell 

80. You use your heart to sell 

81. You know how to prioritize 

82. You are engaging 

83. You love what you do and it shows 

84. You celebrate your success 

85. You celebrate the success of others 

86. You support our leadership 

87. You support our mission 

88. You are always there when we need you 

89. Your smile is contagious 

90. You made this place your home 

91. You tell our story for us 

92. You dream big 

93. You believe in educating yourself to improve your client service 

94. You sharpen and develop your skills to remain the best in the business 

95. You are pro at networking 

96. You avoid mediocrity 

97. You never give up 

98. You live in the "here" and "now" 

99. Your clients must love you as much as we do 

100. You make us want to list 100 more reasons!

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