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Window Planters

Is your home's exterior starting to look a little bland? A set of window box planters might be just what you need to make it come alive. Over the years, our real estate agents have seen hundreds of homes use these types of planters to great effect. But what should you plant in yours? Here are a few options to consider.

For Sunny Spots

Window boxes that will be placed in full sun are perfect for plants that love to soak up some rays. Try placing some of the following plants in these high-light areas. 

  • Marigolds
    Marigolds are known for their bright, fluffy blossoms that resemble pompoms. They come in several shades of vibrant yellow-orange and are impossible to ignore, making them the perfect choice for a particularly showy display.

  • Geraniums
    One of the most common blooms found in North American gardens, geraniums come in many colors. Most are some shade of white, purple, or pink. Many of the paler varieties have eye-catching dark veining in the center of their five petals, that makes them pop considerably more than other similar flowers. They are also highly fragrant and very hardy, even in cooler climates. 

  • Miniature Roses
    Dainty miniature roses are just the thing to give your window box planter a charming fairytale quality. These small prickly plants are just as finicky as their larger cousins, however, so be sure to give them plenty of attention after planting them if you want them to look their best.

  • Petunias
    Petunias are a common sight in many window boxes. You can get them in virtually any color you choose – even black! They are also easy to grow and require relatively little care.

For Shady Spots

Window boxes that will be placed in spots that don't get much sun should be filled with plants that prefer shady conditions. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Wax Begonias 
    Begonias are one of the easiest annuals to care for, making these bright blooms a good choice for window box beginners. They come in a range of colors but mostly favor warm colors like red, orange, and pink. As a bonus, their lush, glossy leaves are almost as pretty as the flowers themselves.

  • Heliotropes
    Heliotrope is easy to spot thanks to its distinctive clusters of purple, lavender, or white blossoms. These blooms are best known for their enticing scent, a natural aroma that is often compared to vanilla and is used in many European perfumes. Place these flowers in a window box where the window is usually open to enjoy this unique feature. 

  • Pansies
    Pansies' cheery appearance is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. These flowers boast heart-shaped petals in every color you can think of, capped by vivid yellow centers that complete the look. They bloom earlier than most similar flowers, making them perfect for window boxes you want to enjoy in the spring months. They can also withstand cooler temperatures than most flowering plants.

  • Clematis 
    If you want your window boxes to really make a statement, plant a few varieties of clematis inside them. These enchanting star-shaped flowers come in every color of the rainbow and fall in majestic curtains of blossoms worthy of the front page of any gardening magazine. 

Contact us today to book a viewing of any of our Houma homes for sale. Our agents would be happy to show you a selection of properties with gorgeous windows perfect for growing all of the flowers you could ever want.

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