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Pool on Your Property

During a hot Louisiana summer, a pool can be extra relaxing and provide a nice break from the heat!

Having a pool installed is a pretty big project, but if you do your work upfront, it's entirely manageable. Here are some things to know and consider before you add a pool to your property. 

  1. Pool Design
    Do you plan to use the pool primarily as a place to relax and cool off on hot days? Or will you use it as a place to swim laps and get some exercise?

    Sit down and write a few sentences about how you and your family will use the pool. This will keep you focused when considering different pool features and designs. For instance, if you plan on swimming laps, you'll likely want standard, rectangular pools rather than designer pool shapes.

  2. Pool Placement
    In a small yard, there may only be one space where you can put the pool. But in larger yards, you have more options. List the pros and cons of various pool positions on your property. For example, one site may be convenient to reach from your door, but it may also put the pool under a tree. Another site may be further from your home but require less excavation.

    After listing the pros and cons, narrow your options down to two or three sites. You can then ask your pool contractor which of these preferred sites they recommend.

  3. Your Budget
    Pools vary greatly in price. You can buy a basic, above-ground pool for a few thousand dollars, or you can install an in-ground pool for as much as $100,000 — and sometimes even more. Decide upfront how much you plan to spend on your pool. Then, you can focus on shopping for options inside of that budget. This approach helps keep you from over-spending. It will also save you from wasting time looking at pool designs outside of your budget.

  4. Chlorine or Saltwater?
    Most pools have a feeder system that adds liquid chlorine bleach to the pool as needed to keep the water sanitary. Other pools are saltwater pools; the chlorine is provided from salt rather than bleach. Saltwater systems are more expensive to install but gentler on the skin. Talk to a pool contractor about both options, and choose the one most in line with your needs and budget.

  5. Who Will Do Maintenance?
    Some homeowners open and close their own pools each year. Others hire out for this service. There are even pool companies you can hire to come clean and maintain your pool on a weekly basis. Think about how you want to maintain your pool before you even install one. This can prove helpful when choosing a pool size and features.

  6. Landscaping Options
    We've attended some Lafayette open houses with gorgeous backyard pools. Often, it's not just the pool that's attractive; it's the landscaping around it. Talk to your pool contractor about landscaping options. Some companies install pools and do landscaping design, which is a real asset. You want plants that call attention to the area but ones that are fairly easy to maintain.

Once your pool is in place, all that's left to do is enjoy it! If you're still looking for the perfect home among our Lafayette homes for sale, with or without a pool, contact us soon. Our real estate agents will be happy to help.

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