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Lake Charles Birding

Louisiana is home to some of the most remarkable birds in the entire country. The Lake Charles area is no exception in this regard. There are more top-notch birding spots around our Lake Charles homes for sale than we can count. We've listed some of the best ones below. 

  • Peveto Woods Sanctuary - 182 Gulf View Rd, Cameron, LA 70631
    The Peveto Woods Sanctuary is in a prime location near our Cameron homes for sale, right in the middle of many birds' migratory flight paths across the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it has become a haven for some of Louisiana's more uncommon passerine birds, including Western Tanagers, Red-faced Warblers, and Hooded Orioles.
    The sanctuary is run by the Baton Rouge Audubon Society and is carefully maintained to preserve the birds' habitat. Guests are welcome to walk the many on-site trails and take pictures of the birds and wildlife but are asked not to do anything that might disturb the sanctuary's creatures.

  • The Wetland Walkway - 3000 Holly Beach Hwy, Hackberry, LA 70645
    The Wetland Walkway is part of the Sabine National Wildlife Preserve, an area near our Hackberry homes for sale dedicated to keeping Louisiana's wetlands and their wildlife intact. With 1.5 miles of wheelchair-accessible paths and boardwalks and a two-story observation tower, this walkway makes it easy to get close to some of the state's more elusive birds.

    The stars of the show are the preserve's many wading birds and waterfowl, but you'll also find plenty of predatory birds like hawks, falcons, and turkey vultures. Remember to scan both the water and sky during your visit to see as many different species as possible. 

  • Willow Island - Willow Island, LA 70549
    Willow Island is a small island located in Saint James Parish in Louisiana. This is one of our real estate agents' favorite spots for observing sparrows, including hard-to-find varieties of sparrows. 

    There are also plenty of pelicans and coastal shorebirds like sanderlings and plovers to be spotted along the island's shores. Keep an eye out for a fantastic shot of these birds against a cresting wave! 

  • Pintail Wildlife Drive - 1428 LA-27, Bell City, LA 70630
    The Pintail Wildlife Drive is part of the Cameron Prairie Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest conservation areas in Louisiana. This paved 3-mile loop is perfect for bird-watching from the comfort of your car.

    On this trail, you'll pass a lively mixture of marsh and woodland scenes and observe many of Louisiana's common bird species in their native habitats. In the winter, you may even spot the Vermilion Flycatcher, a beautiful scarlet passerine that is sure to delight any avid birdwatching fan. 

  • Sabine Pass Lighthouse and Lighthouse Bayou - Cameron, LA 70631
    The Sabine Pass Lighthouse was constructed in 1856 to help Louisiana's sailors safely navigate the shallow waters of Lighthouse Bayou. The structure itself is no longer safe to access, but this location is still home to over 250 bird species at various times of the year. 

    Many brightly colored songbirds pass through the area during migration in the spring and fall. Stunning wading birds and waterfowl like the Rosette Spoonbill often gather around the banks of the bayou and its surrounding trees. Even the tiny threatened Black Rail can sometimes be spotted in the long grass around the area.

These diverse biomes are truly a birdwatcher's paradise. You can enjoy countless opportunities to observe gorgeous birds by moving closer to the action. Contact us today for more information on our listings or to attend one of our Lake Charles open houses

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