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Decorate Home Office

Many of us have moved our offices into our homes, where we're conducting business remotely. But just because you're officing on your own is no reason to forgo making your workspace comfortable and expressive of your personality. 

Our real estate agents advise that a creatively decorated home office can also help you sell your home when you list it among Lafayette homes for sale

You want your home office to be a place where you enjoy working and being. It should be a place where you can be comfortable, but it's also a place where you will work, so you don't want to fall asleep. Nor should it be in a location where you're easily distracted. Once you've got the location down, get ready, and decorate.

  1. Match your office decor with the rest of the home.
    As near as possible, match your office furniture -- even if it's just a desk, a chair, and a file drawer -- to the rest of the home. This also goes for the artwork on the walls, if you choose to have any. Don't settle for motivational posters; put up some art that's enjoyable when your gaze passes over it. If you love plants, incorporate them into your office area. 

  2. Make sure furniture is functional.
    It's important that your office furnishings look good, but they also have to be functional. It's tempting to order desks and chairs online, but it can pay to go to a store and try them out. Roll around in the chair for a bit. Is this where you'd like to sit for eight hours or more? Ergonomically correct chairs are worth the price.

  3. Let some light shine.
    You want plenty of light to illuminate your work. Use natural light if available, but otherwise, choose overhead lights and supplement it with task lighting. A neutral wall color will help make the light more consistent. Avoid dark or bright floors and walls. If you have natural light, combine it with warm-colored, low-wattage task lights, which will improve visual clarity and increase focus. 

  4. Go vertical to add space.
    Most home office areas are small and have limited space. Going vertical with shelves and cabinets above the desk will help extend your space. You can also use the space under the desk for storage. 

  5. Hide cords.
    Cord clutter can ruin your decorating efforts. Use an attractive box to store the cords, cut a hole in the back of the box, and run all cords through the hole. Use cable ties and hooks for gathering up cords. Store the box out of sight. Use a power cord to connect to the wall.

  6. Stay organized.
    When you're busy, it's tempting to let things go and to allow clutter to prevail in your office space. Try to keep it under control with some organizational shortcuts. Use drawer dividers to round up small items. Open shelving is a great solution for books, magazines, and folders you need to keep on hand. Keep writing utensils in jars or organizers designed for the purpose.

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