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Trends to Avoid When Selling

"Trend" is defined as something that's popular at a certain point in time. While decorating trends may be fun and fashionable, they can severely limit the appeal of Houma homes for sale. Improve the marketability of your home by avoiding these current style trends.

  1. Accent Walls
    Accent walls have gained favor as a way to break up a neutral palette with a contained but vivid pop of color. But even one wall can be distinctive enough to turn off prospective buyers whose taste runs in a different direction. Also, accent walls stand out in photographs, so people viewing online listings may eliminate your home without an in-person visit.

  2. Wallpaper
    Unlike accent walls, wallpaper is often used to cover an entire room. With current wallpaper choices running toward bold patterns and bright colors, the possibility of alienating buyers is even greater.

  3. Too Much White
    If color is bad, the absence of color should be good, right? Not so fast. An abundance of white makes a home come off as cold and uninviting. White can certainly be an element in a neutral color scheme, but also incorporate gray, beige, and other subtle tones.

  4. "Statement" Doors
    Much like accent walls, front doors have become an opportunity to express individual style without going overboard. They also share the same tendency to keep buyers from proceeding any further.

  5. In-Kitchen Offices
    As more and more people have been working from home, some designers have tried to capitalize on adding a small work nook to kitchens. Unfortunately, most kitchens are not conducive to productivity in any activity other than cooking, and the area ends up as wasted space. Adding storage is a much better way of increasing value.

  6. Tuscan-Style Kitchens
    For a while, kitchens resembling the ones in rustic Italian homes were all the rage. The kitchen is a central gathering place for many families, and the dark colors and heavy wood furnishings of the Tuscan style can come off as heavy. Stick with a light, airy feel using subway tile, stainless steel appliances, and other sleek features.

  7. Showers Only
    Walk-in showers are a convenience as well as a style choice. But if a bathtub is completely excluded, that can be a deal-breaker for many buyers. Families need a tub for kids and pets, while some adults just enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day at work.

  8. Elaborate Landscaping
    Backyards with koi ponds, extensive flower gardens, and mini-waterfalls are certain to make buyers ooh and ahh until the amount of required maintenance sinks in. Don't assume everyone else enjoys gardening and landscape architecture as much as you do. 

  9. Converted Garages
    DIY sites are full of ideas to turn your garage into a home gym or office, kids' playroom, or even a guest bedroom. People do like creative ways to maximize space, but many of them still want a garage simply for parking their car and maybe storing some tools and bicycles. If you do convert your garage, keep it basic enough so it can quickly revert back to its original configuration.

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