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Essential Tips For Sellers-Start From Outside And Move Your Way In

Why Work With An Agent?

The job of an agent is to sell your home for the most competitive price possible. They know complex real estate laws like the back of their hand, and their duty is to acquire the maximum value of your home.


Agents not only work to sell your home, but they maintain databases full of interested buyers looking to make a purchase. Agents also use technology that allows the seller to track every aspect of the sale, such as when the property was listed, how many users viewed your property, and so on.

Why Latter & Blum

We are the largest full-service Real Estate brokerage in the Gulf South. We know the area better than a New Orleans chef knows his/her gumbo's ingredients.

Tips For Sellers

  • Invest in Paint:  Fresh paint can liven up a room, while also adding value and appeal to your home. Choose neutral colors like white or light beige, as it's best to stay away from dark or trendy colors as much as possible.
  • Invite Sunshine:  Wash all windows, inside and out, and leave those curtains open. Add mood lighting to enhance each room's appeal. Most importantly, let the sun do your light work; it'll add sparkle to your sale.
  • Mend Minor Flaws:  Squeaky doors, creaky stairways, and leaky plumbing can devalue your property. But so can easier fixes like unkempt trash bins and laundry baskets. Lubricate all crevices, throw out the trash, and deodorize each room to optimize your home's appeal.
  • Decorative Kitchens Can Sell A Home:  Create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen by adding colorful curtains, towels and place mats. Clear the counter tops and replace with plants or fruit bowls. Make sure to clean the cabinets; prospective buyers will look through them.
  • Blend Color and Convenience in Bathrooms:  Remove clutter from cabinets and vanities. Scrub the sinks and deep clean the shower and toilet. Use chrome cleaner on the mirror's trim, and be sure wipe it clear of fingerprints. Your bathroom should sparkle!
  • Living and Dining Room Areas Reveal Interests:  Arrange the living and dining rooms to create an open, friendly atmosphere. This is perhaps the most inviting part of your house. Straighten your wall's artwork, fix that disheveled bookcase, and clear the coffee table of all paperwork and junk mail.
  • Family Rooms Are For Relaxation:  Arrange sports equipment, video games and other entertainment devices in attractive containers. Avoid clutter at all costs. Turn off all electronic units and play soft, relaxing music in the background. Place furniture in conversational groups and showcase books and magazines on proper shelves.
  • Bedrooms Must Invite Rest And Tranquility:  Keep bedrooms light by opening your curtains. Making the room seem brighter will enhance the atmosphere and showcasing your bed will make the room appear more inviting to prospective homeowners! As in the living room, remove all clutter, clean off all surfaces, and keep your closet organized.
  • Take the Family Pet With You:  It's best to take your pet out of the home during showings. Though your pet may be a part of your family, even the most well-behaved pets can often be a distraction to potential homebuyers. Some homebuyers may also be afraid of certain animals or have specific pet allergies.
  • Value Goes From Top To Bottom:  Showcase your property's value from the front door to the back gate. Remove unnecessary items, and neatly arrange storage boxes in the garage (or an area away from showcased rooms). As always, darker spaces can be brightened with lighter paint and sophisticated lighting schemes.

Looking to sell your property? Trust our tips for sellers. When it comes to selling property, owners in New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi turn to Latter & Blum Realtors.

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