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The Garden District - New Orleans, LA

Latter & Blum Inc. Realtors is one of the top resources for facilitating and matching buyers to homes for sale in the Garden District. The New Orleans real estate market has always been dynamic and fast paced. This historic area is one of the most desirable parts of the city because of its ease of access to landmarks, entertainment, and a variety of dining options. Lining the streets of this neighborhood were the homes of visiting ambassadors and important foreign businessmen. This interesting fact is evidenced by the eclectic styles and beautiful construction of the properties. Many of the unique architectural features are reflections of elements of buildings from other countries.

The Garden District is easily accessible by the Magazine street bus line as well as the iconic St. Charles streetcar. It is home to Commander’s Palace, one of the must-visit locations in the city and a bastion of New Orleans cuisine. Across the street from Commander’s is one of the city’s famous cemeteries, filled with beautiful memorials and iconic, raised burial displays. In addition to cuisine and history, the area is home to some amazing shopping options, including everything from antiques to unique children's clothing. The Lower portion of the neighborhood includes some of the city’s famous museums like the National WWII Museum, The Ogden Museum, and The Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

Unlike the rest of New Orleans, The Garden District offers immediate and instantaneous access to the Central Business District, or downtown. This can be a priceless advantage if you work in the CBD, downtown, in the medical center, or in the French Quarter. Because of this instant access you can have some of the best restaurants, bars, and attractions in the city just around the corner without the heavy foot traffic and noise of being downtown.

The Garden District is the home to some of the best high-end real estate options in New Orleans. The desirability of the area makes it a great candidate for a home or a rental property. Potential renters are always on the lookout for opportunities to live in this ideal location which can make for lucrative investment properties. Call or visit Latter & Blum Inc. Realtors to view a property and get information on our real estate services.


Garden District On the Map

The Garden District is generally mapped from St. Charles Avenue to Magazine Street and from Jackson Avenue to Louisiana Avenue. 

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Map of the New Orleans Garden District, including homes for sale marked with flags.


Garden District Center Hall Cottage | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
Garden District Center Hall Cottage

How To Get To and From The Garden Disrict: 

Some Garden District residents will tell you they don’t need a car. Others insist that properties with off-street parking are a must. Some residents rely solely on easily accessed public transit. Others suggest that a combination of personal and public transportation is a property owner’s dream. 

Historic streetcars traverse the Garden District portion of oak-tree-lined St. Charles Avenue. Buses run on regular schedules up and down Magazine Street, giving residents easy access to the Central Business District in one direction and Uptown and Audubon Park in the other. Additional bus routes take the north-south route, connecting the Garden District to other parts of New Orleans. Fares for buses and streetcars remain enviably low.

Garden District Home Parlor | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
The Parlor, is the main entertaning area in many historic Garden District homes.

Garden District Features:

Homebuyers looking for Garden District properties are also looking for the kinds of amenities that have welcomed residents for centuries – top-notch private, parochial, public and charter schools; a thriving public library system with convenient branches; restaurants of every description (world-acclaimed Commander’s Palace is a cornerstone of the Garden District, joined by everything from corner po-boy spots to fine dining and every type of international cuisine); the urban oasis of Magazine Street shopping (clothing, antiques, art, decorators’ treasures); walking tours conducted daily by well-versed local guides; and the famous New Orleans Opera Guild Home on Prytania Street (an 1858 mansion still filled with European and American furniture and artwork from the 18th and 19th centuries, maintained by the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera Association and available for special event rental).

Homebuyers interested in the Garden District will also find an incredible array of activities and venues, including access to three weeks of Mardi Gras parades, the chance to catch historic marching clubs, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade (where riders toss cabbages and potatoes to the crowds). The sounds of the practice and parading of nearby high school bands is also heard daily from the porches and balconies of the Garden District. 

Residents also share the streets with tourists opting for a look at historic Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 on Washington at Prytania (scene to many a Hollywood movie shoot), the nearby Rink, a one-time 19th-century skating rink that has been meticulously restored and transformed into a mall of shops and the beautifully elevated George Washington Cable House, designated a National Historic Landmark in honor of the American author who lived and worked there in the late 1800s. The Louise S. McGehee School on Prytania Street is among the most illustrious private institutions in the area, which is also dotted with many other convenient public and private elementary, secondary and high schools.

Gaden Disrict Home with Wrought Iron Balconies | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
Garden District mansion with wrought iron galleries. Wrought Iron is a prominent feature of Garden district homes and is found in many of the .porches, fences, and balconies. 
Garden District Home Upstars Gallery | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
Upstairs gallerie overlooking an old oak tree shaded street of the Garden District

Garden District Demographics

  • Size – two square-miles
  • Population – 2,000
  • Households – 1000+
  • Household Income – Last reported as $90,000+, much greater than the rest of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.
  • Schools – 12
  • Churches – several well-known churches
  • Medical Facilities – The Garden district is centrally located to many well-established and some world-renowned hospitals and medical complexes.

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Baccus parade travels St. Charles Avenue through the Garden District | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
The Baccus parade dellights the Garden District residents as it passes along St. Charles Avenue during Mardi Gras.
Garden District home with Mansard Roof | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
This Garden District hme features a Mansard Roof
St. Charles Avenue Streetcar | Latter & Blum Inc./REALTORS
The New Orleans Streetcar is a popular means of transportation, and not just for those without a car. You'll frequently see your Garden District neighbors going to their downtown offices on the Streetcar.

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